The Story

Thompson Construction is a diversified company that specializes in all phases of construction and remodeling. They came to TRSTY looking to update their brand and improve their customer acquisition. After learning about the company values and their identifying their long term goals, our team created new visuals that championed the established nature of the company but also kept the brand current with today's mobile experiences. The company was mature enough to get the job done right, but modern enough to understand the latest styles, trends and technology.

Our Work

TRSTY updated their old bulky website to improve the user experience with simplified navigation, better use of imagery and clear call to action elements. Our team created new photo and video content that works well on the site and on social media too. TRSTY developed a social media strategy that allows the Thompson Construction team to stay aligned with their posts throughout the year so the focus remains true to the seasonal goals for the company. The use of the editorial calendar has taken the stress of “what to post today” away so the team can execute on their daily core objectives.

Scope of Work

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