The Story

FSMT is one of the most important companies that you have never heard of. In major hospitals and medical facilities, their work brings oxygen from the storage tanks to the nurses stations and to each patient bed. When they do their job, their hidden heroes remain out of the spotlight.

Our Work

After meeting the FSMT team and learning about their growth goals, reviewing all of their past print and digital elements and identifying the timeline for completion our team set out to begin the process of analyzing the opportunities in colors, fonts, icons and branded elements that worked to establish a solid brand. The branding guide provided FSMT with an identity that sets them apart from their competitors across the country. The TRSTY Media team made the vast array of plumbing, switches and control panels visually exciting to those outside of the facilities management department, and the brand is now ready to achieve their growth goals. This great company is finally ready to step out of the shadows and tell the world why they matter.

Scope of Work

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