The Story

Peer mentoring groups bring a mix of business leaders together to discuss the challenges and real world issues that occur everyday. In most peer mentoring groups, there is a mix of small to midsize businesses and large companies. The opportunity to learn and grow for the larger company CEO’s was always limited as the experiences and issues for a smaller company owner never matched up with the complexity of running a larger company.

Our Work

Fierce CEO’s was started to create a true opportunity for the larger CEO’s to benefit and grow from participation in a peer mentoring group. Fierce CEO’s is different from every other group and required a different approach to educate and inform potential CEO members.TRSTY Media was chosen to create a platform to launch FIERCE CEO’s to a new generation of business leaders. Our team worked to develop the messaging and create a custom website that utilized the best practices and a streamlined experience for prospective CEO’s.

Scope of Work

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